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The PAASP courses are aimed at a broad audience to educate about risks of bias in research and how to overcome that.

Up-to-date Training

Learn with a combination of reading material, webinars and workshops.

Interesting Quizzes

A selection of interesting quizzes allow you to check your knowledge.

New Certificates

The certificates allow you to prove your participation and bring your in front.

Our Most Popular Courses

We are working on a new online course with plenty of online material and and videos. It will be fully dedicated to create robust research data and performing best practices.

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Our Professional Training

Good Research Practice is the most discussed topic in science but comprehensive and good-value-for-money courses are rare. This gap is filled with the courses by PAASP, the leading expert on preclinical data quality in industry.

Build Relevant Skills

Gain knowledge on possibilities to reduce risk of bias in research.

Learn from the experts

PAASP has more than 100 years of combined experience in drug discovery.

Improve your data

You will increase the research rigor of your data and become more reliable.

Our workshop was performed at several universities and institutes across Germany.

What Our Students Say

“The course helped me to get a much better understanding of bias”

“Prof Michel clearly presented the importance of reproducing data”

“I will recommend the course to all the PhD students”

“One of the best courses I have attended”

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Our webinars, lectures and workshops are part of the curriculum at major german universities and were held already in the context of private public partnerships.