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Getting Access to the Course

1. Register

Please visit the course registration page and complete the necessary information, including your ORCID number, which will be included on your certificate to ensure proper attribution.

2. Select Course

Navigate to the course page, accessible through the menu at the top of the screen after registration. Select your desired course from the list of available options and proceed with the enrollment process.

3. Start Course

The complete course content will be displayed, allowing you to begin the course. It is recommended to begin with the introduction section to gain a brief overview of the platform.

Our Courses

Since 2015, PAASP supports research community by helping to implement and maintain good research practices.

Our webinars, lectures and workshops are part of the curriculum at major universities in Germany, are regularly held on behalf of learned societies and are part of training provided to young scientists in publicly funded research projects

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Feedback from the course participants

“The course helped me to get a much better understanding of bias”

“Prof Michel clearly presented the importance of reproducing data”

“I will recommend the course to all the PhD students”

“One of the best courses I have attended”