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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are you only doing online courses?

NO. we are also doing many lectures, seminars and workshops in presence. However, especially because of the pandemic all courses are currently remotely in form of webinars and virtual discussions.

2. Are the topics in the courses static?

Currently the online courses are static but the content of the personal courses can be adjusted.

3. Can I get credit points for your courses for my studies?

No, this is currently not possible. However, we are searching for a partner to build such courses.

4. Are the courses for free?

We can provide a free one hour webinar but unfortunately it is not possible for us to provide additional courses for free.

5. How much are the courses?

Please contact us to get your pricing.

6. I am a master or PhD student, are these courses for me?

YES! In fact, most participants of our courses were PhD students and the courses were organised by the PhD schools.

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